ITAF is the organization of companies and individuals providing legal advisory services, accounting and legal, which are based on the current activities of international standards and best practices for the preparation of transfer pricing tax documentation, tax planning, labor standards and restructuring methods.

At the same time by granting certification TPE® and TPRE®, we have the ability to mold the aforementioned standards and enforce them by companies affiliated with ITAF.

With our certificates, you gain confirmation of their knowledge and experience in the area of transfer pricing and tax planning, which can be used in the course of project implementation, as well as being an advantage when selecting a company or individual to perform assigned tasks.


Why I must get it?

Because, if you get our certification, the result is an improved set of skills that are relevant to industry as a whole, and enhanced employability for all, benefiting the global economy. The benefit to you and your business in particular: better-trained employees, streamlined operations, and the peace of mind of knowing that you are working with an industry-leading organization, which provides products and services with a long-standing reputation for setting the industry benchmark.