Adopting Best Practice in my Organization

ITAF qualifications are recognized all over the world and can help individuals and organizations improve their performance throughout the lifecycle of best practices. Our guidelines include tax services, customer service and project management, and can help minimize risk and maximize value. Browse our range of skills and learn how they can use their employees, becoming experts in the field of taxation, supported by the international certificate.

Transfer Pricing TPE®

TPE® Certificate is achieved by passing a supervised three hour written exam available in a number of locations around the world, once a year.

TPE® Certificate is a global benchmark of quality and achievement and an independent means of demonstrating transfer pricing expertise.

Employers can be assured of the competence of their transfer pricing teams, gaining an edge on their competitors, and providing reassurance to clients. Because there are flexible study options – no required courses or training organisation – this makes it ideal for the busy professional with work commitments.

TPE® best practice

  • supplement knowledge about the world tp
  • case study practical examples international business ties
  • supplement the provisions of the scope of TP
  • practical knowledge of the cooperation agreements between the government


Tax Planning TPRE®

The uneven recovery is placing pressure on companies to continue cutting costs, including spending on taxes. This imperative coincides, however, with greatly increased scrutiny of tax filings at every level of government. Identifying tax-reduction opportunities without jeopardizing a company's legal status and reputation is more difficult today than ever before. And it's even more complex for the increasing number of companies that rely on revenues pulled from operations abroad.

Intense globalization has pushed international tax planning to center stage for many companies. "The best practice in international tax planning focuses on the tax-effective structuring of ongoing business operations and major corporate transactions, as opposed to one-off tax 'products' that do not fit nicely with a company's business operations or may have nothing at all to do with real business or investment operations," says John Peterson, partner and chair of the global tax practice at international law firm Baker & McKenzie in Palo Alto, Calif. "This often means centering ownership of capital, ownership of IP [intellectual property], and risk in tax-advantageous locations."

Certificate TPRE® determines what are the best practices in the field of tax planning by:

  • selection of the best tax solutions
  • reliance on international agreement
  • selection of the best jurysdycji
  • improve the flow of tax information