A TPE® and TPRE® license is the tax, accounting and finance profession’s highest standard of competence and best practice, a symbol of achievement and assurance of quality. Whether you are licensed or soon-to-be licensed, ITAF provides information and resources you need to earn and maintain the respected credential.

What is a ITAF certification?

A TPE® and TRPE® is a -certificate granted by the Institute of International Tax, Accounting and Law. To earn the prestige associated with the ITAF license, you are required to demonstrate knowledge and competence by meeting high educational standards, passing the ITAF exam and completing a specific amount of general experience in this area. The two most important aspects of becoming a member are passing the Uniform ITAF Exam and meeting licensing requirements in the state where you want to practice.

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  • Adopting Best Practice in my Organization
  • Becoming a Training Provider

To become ITAF  partner and be able to label their products as belonging to ITAF the organization must meet the following requirements:

  • Provideconsulting services in the field of TPE® or TPRE®
  • Have international experience
  • Have a network of offices in Europe or across  the world
  • Have at least 5 years of experience in the provision of educational services
  • Have a group of experts in the field of TPE® or TPRE®
  • Pass exam through its representative within a given certification

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